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We Are Enthusiasts and Always Look Forward To Producing Better Structure And Designs!

Archi Hives is a leading Architecture and Interior Design Company in Delhi. We eagerly search out testing projects by working in assorted settings and cultures.
We have a vision of conveying a positive impact in every design we initiate through our work in the genre of interiors, architects, and landscapes. Our group of experts has years of specific experience, and they believe that the essential aptitude of the Architects and Interior Design lies in High-End House Designs, Offices, and Commercial Designs.
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We chip away at three establishing standards of Inspiration, Innovation, and Imagination, which makes us one of the most looked-after groups of architects in Delhi.


Sensible formats, extensive plans, and rousing craftsmanship are the numerous components that we centre upon while planning the interiors of your space.
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We Offer Creativity With Detailed Outcomes!

From complete structure consultancy to the one-stop turnkey solution, our group of architects is well-prepared to attempt projects of various scale and types. With an in house group of best architects in Delhi, inventive group of interior designers, master specialists, and experienced landscape designers, we guarantee you structures that will justify itself with real evidence, quality workmanship, and auspicious conveyance of task.
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what we do

We believe in the power of imagination. That's how we were able to transform from a creative boutique into a mammoth architectural firm. Then to a powerhouse of design. Then quickly changing into an all solutions provider. This exercise of creating dream edifices out of imagination continues. Making us grow in tandem. With an ever-active office in New Delhi. And over 20 clients swearing by our name. More are enroute. And we are happy creating dreams. The company has undertaken various projects of various natures and executed up to at most satisfaction of their clients and within the defined time frame.
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How we do it?

Established in the early nineties by eminent architects and professionals with rich and varied experience in architecture and interior designing, Archi Hives is your perfect entry into a whole world of imaginative design. The firm has developed a broad range of expertise in architecture, planning, and interiors. Helping raise buildings from across spheres. Emphasizing on the human element while designing the environment around. Creating edifices. Maintaining harmony.
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crazy thinkers
crazy thinkers
Years of expertise
Years of expertise

Our Team

Harsharan Singh
Principal Director (Architect)
As one of the heads as well as an architect with over 27 years in the field, I try to give every project we handle, a spirit that is both inviting and comfortable; not only physically but pychologically as well.
Gurjit Singh
Director (Architect)
Our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to delivering unique projects and outstanding services have put us at the top of our profession. In my 25 years of experience, I have made sure to deliver perfection in all aspects of design from concept to completion.
Ruby H. Singh
Principal Director (Architect)
The combined roles of the architect and client today has evolved into a very personal and professional enterprise. My responsibility for the past 25 years has been to combine the best of my clients' taste with our architectural knack, to creating an environment that is beautiful, functional and architecturally detailed.
Gagan Kaur
Director (Architect)
A timeless design, flawless quality and attention to detail are the most essential factors for creating a beautiful living and working environment. With 5 eventful years in the arena, I listen and interpret my client's dreams to turn them into reality.
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